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  • Service 1
    IT Staff Augmentation
    We at SYSTEM EDGE specialze in providing IT placement(permanent hire)and time and material support services in the field of Project Management; System Architecture Analysis; Designing; Application Development; Implementation and maintenance support for Cloud computing, Client Server; Internet; Intranet; Web-based systems; Database analysis and designing; System Management; Network Management; Computer Aided Design (CAD); Enterprising Resource Planning (SAP, Oracle) Programming; Technical Help Desk; and Technical Writing services. Apart from our own employees, we have a huge database of consultants.We guarantee a lead-time of 48-72 hours to our clients within which we can make at least three candidates available for interview. Most of our people are certified in their skills by the pertinent vendors. Some of the industry and service verticals we cater are:
    • Marketing & Sales, Human Resource, Finance
    • Construction: Site Supervisor, Site Constructor, Auto Cad, Architect, MEP etc.
    • Engineering: Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineering etc
    • Management: Senior Level Managers (GM, CEO etc)
    • Software: Software Architecture, Analysis, Design, Development, Conversion, and Implementation on Mainframes, Mid-Range, PC, Internet and Web Platforms
    • Technologies: JSP, Struts, Servlets, ASP, Java Script, VBScript, HTML, DHTML, CGI, Perl, Struts, spring, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Servlets, JUnit, EJB, JNDI, MQ/JMS, XSD, XML, XSL, JDBC, hibernate, iBatis, XML Beans, Role Based security, IBM HATS, IBM OS/390, IBM AIX, IBM DB2, IDMS, WSAD 5.1.2, WAS 5.0, Tivoli Access Manager, LDAP, Lotus Domino, Rational Software (Rational Clear Case, Rational RequisitePro, Rational SoDA for Word, Rational ClearQuest, Rational XDE Modeler),Jprobe, Apache log4j
    • Tools: Financial Tools (Tibco, FIX), Ensemble, Dream Weaver, FlexPLM, Tomcat, EJB, Broad Vision, Cold Fusion, Blue Stone, Crystal Reports, Actuate, ATG Dynamo, Visual Age
    • CRM: Siebel, Vignette, Clarify, Vantive
    • ERP: SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, JDEdward
    We have considerable experience in delivering IT Consulting Service contracts having won the Contracts in the Government sector via competitive bidding. The names of some of the clients in both Government and Private sectors are given below:
    • IT Services Contract awarded by New York Power Authority
    • IT Services Contract awarded by the State of South Carolina
    • IT Services Contract awarded by Office of Temporary Disabilities, State of New York
    • IT Services Contract awarded by City of New York, Department of Education
    • IT Services Contract awarded by State of New Jersy, Administrative Office of Courts
    • IT Services Contract awarded by City of New York, Housing Authority
    • IT Services Contract by PricewaterhouseCoopers(India)Pvt.Ltd.
    • IT Services Contract by Deloitte Shared Services(India)Pvt.Ltd.
  • Service 2
    SAP Services
    System Edge have been supporting & implementing the major modules of SAP enterprise applications successfully for clients on Time & Material basis since 2004 . Our pool of experts have several man-years of experience to deliver end-to- end SAP based solutions to large enterprises in industry verticals of manufacturing, logistics & transportation, etc, to name a few. At System-Edge our knowledge of changing product and market landscape have enabled our consultants to power SAP as a solution to rapidly deliver sustainable value to our clients. SAP modules which our consultants have implemented are Functional Modules
    • SAP-FI
    • SAP-SD
    • SAP-MM
    • SAP-QM
    • SAP-PM
    • SAP-PP
    • SAP-HCM
    Technical Modules
    • SAP Net-Weaver (formerly Basis)
    • ABAP - Advanced Business Application Programming
    • SAP-EP - Enterprise Portal
    • SAP-PI - Process Integration
    • SAP-PP
    • SAP-HCM
  • Service 3
    Offshore Software Services
    Our offshore development center essentially consists of a pool of software developers equipped with considerable functional and technical competencies. Our offshore delivery personnel provide scalable and cost-effective solutions to our client's technology needs translating them into tangible business benefits.
  • Service 4
    Cloud Computing Services
    In the era of digital transformation, Cloud computing is revolutionizing business operations and technological interactions. System Edge leads this innovation, leveraging expertise to shape the Cloud landscape. Committed to unlocking Cloud's potential, we deliver bespoke solutions empowering organizations to optimize operations, innovate, and achieve strategic goals. Below are few of our work in the area of cloud computing and services.
    • Migration to the Cloud:Successfully led on-premises to cloud migration projects, optimizing performance and reducing costs using AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.
    • Cloud Architecture Design:Tailored scalable and resilient cloud architectures using AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform to meet diverse client needs.
    • DevOps and CI/CD Pipeline Implementation:Implemented robust DevOps practices and CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, AWS CodePipeline, and Azure DevOps for efficient deployments.
    • Serverless Computing and Microservices:Architected serverless applications and microservices with AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and Google Cloud Functions for improved scalability.
    • Big Data and Analytics Solutions:Designed and implemented big data solutions using Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Apache Spark on cloud platforms.
    Join us on a journey into the limitless possibilities of Cloud computing, where innovation knows no bounds and the future is waiting to be shaped.
  • Service 5
    Application Development Services
    We at SYSTEM EDGE provide end-to-end solutions that cater to our clients day to day business operations. We focus on delivering cost effective services and has the technology and management depth to extend, enhance, and deliver new and existing IT services. Our solutions starts with program management skills and architectural expertise to ensure that projects remain aligned with organizational goals.Our program and technology management team works to ensure that the solution is deployed with the right products, future-proofed with the right architecture, and implemented with our best practices.The skills from our application development team can be used or combined with skills from our other technology streams for the purpose of systems integration.We customize solutions and backfill gaps to provide the best possible functionality for client’s operations. We modify legacy systems to meet current needs - such as integrating standalone applications, customizing reports in line with new reporting requirements and modifying systems to meet government regulations.We also provide solutions that ensure you capitalize on new technological advancements.We implement strong methodologies and quality assurance processes that helps us to provide a more faster and cost effective services. Our range of software design and development services include:
    • Web applications utilizing multi-tiered client server architectures and technologies such as Web Sphere, Web Logic, COM+, Java,Dot Net, EJB, XML, XSL
    • Design, development and integration of specialized software solutions to address the unique needs of organizations
    • Enterprise Applications - core product development, customization and functionality enhancement of ERP systems and packaged software solutions
    • Systems Integration - integration of operational systems to ensure cohesive operations
    • Other Applications-Accounting Software, Inventory Management Applications, Sales Order Management,Academic Software for Schools and Universities, Software for Law Firms
    Our Recent Project
    • This project was done for one of our valued Fortune 500 client Project title: Development of Web based business applications
    • SYSTEM EDGE 's roles & responsibilities: Our client's existing business system handles all applications including online transaction processing system as well as batch reports & forms.The existing business system gave a list of 651 reports that needed to be migrated. These reports have been developed using Oracle report writing tools accessing the existing system underlying Oracle enterprise database. 150 of these reports also have the ability to extract data into an Excel spreadsheet & other standard data formats. The existing platform has several disadvantages; the most being the requirement to develop separate Oracle reports to output into a PDF(printable) format or as a data extract (Excel etc). Besides that Oracle report writer uses very basic SQL constructs to query data from databases making these reports difficult to maintain. The scope of the project is to migrate these 651 reports to a paltform that makes it easily maintainable besides being able to integrate smoothly with the future. The existing platform allows users to extract formats, reports and forms without having to write duplicate set of reports.Our client has already chosen a migration strategy using a crystal report interface. Using crystal reporting tools will also give our client advantages of many advanced features of these widely used products apart from being able to integrate very well in the future dotnet platform of the existing system. The current enterprise application that runs the entire business of our client, is very large and quite complex. While evaluating the report migration project, it was important that in order to be more time & cost effective. it is not necessary to know all the details of every transaction process of the existing business application
  • Service 6
    Cyber Security
    Cyber security is critical to almost any industry which uses computers. Currently, most electronic devices such as computers, laptops and cell phones come with built-in firewall security software, but in spite of, breach of security cannot be avoided. There are many different ways of hacking into the databases. It can be done through network, clicking into unknown links, logging into unfamiliar Wi-Fi connectivity, downloading software and files from unprotected sites, radioactivity, and many more.​ Our services includes but not limited to the following:
    • Understand and rectify requirements regarding organization's infrastructure and security issues
    • We help our clients in Penetration Testing, Threat Mitigation, Threat Response, Monitoring Risk management, Cyber security integration
    • We provide regular assessment and compliance as per industry standard framework
    • We help organizations strengthen their infrastructure and create an agile response plan to mitigate risks
    Our approach: Our enterprise security appliances combine high performance multi core capabilities with fast networking technologies to provide the highest level of security. By consolidating multiple security technologies into single security gateway, these appliances are designed to deliver advanced and integrity security solutions to meet all of your business security needs.Our consulting gives you everything you need to protect your business before an attack occurs. We can help with customized deployment and remediation services that optimize your entire security strategy. Leveraging artificial intelligence to detect and quarantine threats we eliminate the vulnerabilities and prevent them from further exposure permanently. ​ Relevant Projects Handled: Project-1: A reputed University’s financial aid office was the victim of a CryptoLocker variant. CryptoLocker is a ransomware Trojan that attacks computers running Microsoft Windows. It is propagated via infected email attachments and botnets, and when activated, encrypts certain file types on local and network drives.Over the course of four weeks, we deployed and monitored our solution on 57 systems inside the University. Out of the 57 monitored hosts, we were able to identify and block malware that had gone undetected by traditional antivirus solutions on 33.In total we were able to immediately quarantine 183 pieces of unique malware already present and 107 additional potentially unwanted programs. Of those malware samples, 35 were completely missed by every other antivirus engine. Project-2: A high-profile financial services institution had a team of resources and multiple products in place to detect and stop any executed threats.The problem, however, was they had no way of knowing if their systems had already been compromised by threats that might be either laying dormant, or occurred beyond the scope of the measures already in place. We were asked to perform a full Compromise Assessment on all servers, desktops and laptops. Combining both the artificial intelligence technology and compact process, we were able to extract insightful data from all 3,000 hosts in just a matter of days using a lightweight, agent-less system that reported meta data.We found hacking tools and evidence that the company’s systems had been compromised. Using indicators that were gathered during data collection, our cyber security experts were able to dig into specific systems looking for precisely the threats that had not been found by the company’s existing antivirus solutions.We discovered that penetration testers left tools and open vulnerabilities during a standard penetration test report performed by a third-party vendor six months earlier. It was also discovered that malware had been dropped on the company’s systems over three years earlier and had gone completely undetected. Project-3: Government agencies are the high profile targets that cyber criminals dream of infiltrating.Our services identifies and blocks malware that has gone undetected by traditional antivirus solutions. The solution immediately quarantines malware and potentially unwanted programs already present on agency systems. It typically uncovers multiple variants of other ransomware as well as advanced threats designed to steal credentials and other personally identifiable information. We also can perform a full Compromise Assessment on all servers, desktops and laptops across all global hosts.
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Our strength is our people. As a leader in IT Staff augmentation and Software Development business, we are committed to provide innovative solutions that create a competitive edge for enterprises worldwide.Our leadership helps us maintain this focus and deliver the highest value for our clients.The quality of our delivery are an outcome of our collective effort of some of the most experienced and accomplished professionals in the industry. Blending together strong business acumen with rich technical expertise,they lead our global workforce towards optimization of business goals.
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We at SYSTEM EDGE are ingrained with that quality of work culture which believes in detailing to each and every client’s need by which our clients say that the passion, energy and commitment our people invest every time has been unparalled.We have a team of practical and effective problem solvers who are willing to step up and own the outcome during contingency. We scout the best from Europe, Asia and the Americas for outstanding business talent and attract many professionals from top global enterprises, leading academic institutions and blue-chip consultancies. Our people, while diverse in background and experience are united by a passion for achieving excellence during project delivery. We devout ourselves entirely for our client's success, creating strong collaborative relationships that deliver extraordinary values over the years.
We at SYSTEM EDGE provide IT staff augmentation and software development services to Fortune 500 and Government sector enterprises across the globe. We’re an amazingly diverse, multicultural and multilingual team, working on some of the most complex challenges in global business. We do offer to our employees training, growth opportunities and challenging projects that will help them to hone your skills. We believe that experience is the best teacher, which is why we give our employees immediate exposure to our clients. ​ Search for opportunities across the globe and see where your job search can take you.
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SYSTEM EDGE and PricewaterhouseCoopers (India)Pvt.Ltd (PwC) have signed JBR recently in newer areas of software development and formed marketing alliance to jointly sell software products developed by System Edge group companies in India and ASIAPAC.